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Collation Output

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Bava Metsia 2:1

1. Select a Passage [top]

Use the drop-down menu to select an individual Mishnah for collation.

2. Witnesses for Collation

Select witnesses and the order of presentation by entering a numeral in the blank next to each witness to be compared and selecting the "Collate" button. The alignment table, apparatus, and synopsis below will present the witnesses in the order of the input.

(Note that at present numerals are sorted as text, so that 11 and 12 appear after 1 and before 2. To avoid ambiguity, you may wish to use the format 001, 002, 003, 011, 012, etc.)

Kauf Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Kaufmann A50
ParmA De Rossi 138-139
Camb Cambridge Add. 470.1
S00651 Maimonides Autograph MS
S08174 Bibliothèque nationale de France. MS Hébreu 328-329
P00001 Mishnah, Editio Princeps, Naples 1492
Vilna Mishnah, Yakhin u-vo'az, Vilna
Mun Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Handschrift Cod.Hebr.95 (1342)
S07106 Staats und Universitätsbibliothek Carl von Ossietsky, Hamburg, Germany 165 (19)
Vat114 Vat. ebr. 114
Vat115 Vat. ebr. 117
Vat117 Vat. ebr. 114
S07319 Leiden Scaliger Or. 4720, 1289 CE
P00002 Venice Editio Princeps, 1532
S01724 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS E1.108 f. 1r - 1v (Cambridge)
S01832 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS E2.71 f. 1v - 1r (Cambridge)
S01835 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS E2.74 f. 1v - 1r (Cambridge)
S03524 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS NS 329.286 f. 1r - 1v (Cambridge)
S04533 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS AS78.69 f. 1r-1v (Cambridge)
S04589 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS AS78.162 f. 1r-1v (Cambridge)
S04624 Genizah Fragment TS AS 78.235 f. 1r-1v (Cambridge)
S06241 Genizah Fragment TS AS 78.118 f. 1r-1v (Cambridge)
S01715 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS E1.99 f. 1r - 2v (Cambridge)
S02491 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS F6.3
S00792 Cairo Genizah Bodl. ms. heb. c.21 8a-11b (Oxford)
S05134 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS AS 85.270 f. 1v - 1r (Cambridge)
S01721 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS AS 85.270 f. 1v - 1r (Cambridge)
S01719 Cairo Genizah Fragment T-S E1.103 f. 1r - 1v (Cambridge)
S04944 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS E1.105(Cambridge)
S04636 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS AS 78.261 (Cambridge)

3. Alignment Table Format [top]

The alignment table may scroll to the left. Use the scroll bar to see additional columns.

4. Text of  [top]

5. Sample Apparatus, Text of as Base Text

6. Parallel Column Synopsis [top]