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Compare Witnesses Bava Metsia 2.2

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Mishnah Texts
Kauf Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Kaufmann A50
ParmA De Rossi 138-139
Camb Cambridge Add. 470.1
S00651 Maimonides Autograph MS
S08174 Bibliothèque nationale de France. MS Hébreu 328-329
P00001 Mishnah, Editio Princeps, Naples 1492
Vilna Mishnah, Yakhin u-vo'az, Vilna
Babylonian Talmud Texts
Mun Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Handschrift Cod.Hebr.95 (1342)
Vat114 Vat. ebr. 114
Vat115 Vat. ebr. 117
Vat117 Vat. ebr. 114
Palestinian Talmud Texts
S07319 Leiden Scaliger Or. 4720, 1289 CE
P00002 Venice Editio Princeps, 1532
Genizah Texts
S03524 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS NS 329.286 f. 1r - 1v (Cambridge)
S04533 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS AS78.69 f. 1r-1v (Cambridge)
S01715 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS E1.99 f. 1r - 2v (Cambridge)
S05134 Cairo Genizah Fragment TS AS 85.270 f. 1v - 1r (Cambridge)

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